Wondering how you’ll navigate your parental leave journey?

Trust Grace Papers.

Like you, we know that maintaining career momentum while you’re on parental leave is no easy task. Actually, it’s tough. We know, because we’ve been in your shoes. You’ve put your heart and soul into gaining qualifications, building your career, establishing networks and a stellar track record – how do you protect those assets while you’re on leave? Not to mention maintain financial security.

Then, when you return, you’ll have to negotiate flexibility and prove you can still do the role. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t be the case. But research shows that bias in the workplace is deep-rooted, and that gender equality is still a goal, not a given.

So, that’s where Grace Papers fits in.

We’re truly your advocate when it comes to navigating your parental leave journey with confidence & flexibility, whether you’re a mum or a dad. We’ll guide, support and empower you at every step, so that you return to a fulfilling career, in a way that fits with your values and priorities.

Rest assured that we’re also coaching your employer, so they understand the enormous value that working parents bring to the workplace. And when we say ‘parents’, we mean all parents, including biological, adoptive, LGBTIQ and single parents. In fact, for single parents, we offer you a FREE 1:1 coaching with one of our experts to ensure you are set up for success.

Here’s how we support you.

As you work through your personalised online program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Clarify a vision for your career, so you know where you’re heading

  • Articulate the type of parent you want to be and how you will share care as a family; is external support a possibility?

  • Anticipate the workplace barriers you’ll face, and how to overcome them

  • Position yourself for a promotion while you’re on parental leave

  • Remain visible and connected to your workplace, so you’re aware of upcoming roles and projects whilst on leave

  • Secure performance reviews and pay increases during parental leave

  • Negotiate flexibility - including part time arrangements - without necessarily taking a step back in your career, to relieve the stress on you and your family

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities, to ensure job security and financial security

Plus, you’ll benefit from:

  • Easy online access to our team of professionals, with a customised response

  • Timely reminders at key milestones – no need to keep track yourself

  • Convenience of 24/7 availability – work at your own pace

So, if you’re ready to navigate your parental leave journey the smart way – with confidence, courage and grace – then register now.

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