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We partner with workplaces to create a better way of working, and that means better defining gender equality to include both the advancement of women and the changing role of men. And we’re actively delivering solutions that better fit the way people and families work and live – that quite simply, enables all people – regardless of gender – to realise their full potential.


Take action to deliver a more engaging experience for your working parents

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Cassandra smarrelli, Woolworths

‘I think an external party that specialises in this moment in life is one of the greatest gifts Woolworths has given us. Grace Papers provides a unique and authentic way to bring the parenting conversation to life, and build confidence in both leaders and team members.

It’s helping us communicate in a safe way; the right way to create the movement we need. I’ve really appreciated the resources, contact and time – Grace Papers came at the perfect time for me, as I didn’t knowwhere else to look for that expert support.’

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Emma Bartels, victoria police

“I now know that a member’s value does not diminish when they become a parent and they can return to fulfilling and meaningful work that can also be in balance with family priorities.”


Why Grace?

Choosing company names is a little like choosing baby names - its hard! For us, there’s real significance in “grace” – it’s not just our name, it’s deeply connected to our purpose. We imagine a world where we approach culture – and each other – with grace. Where what we do doesn’t just matter – it’s how we make people feel – and how we treat others, as well as ourselves that makes the difference.

This a word with meaning – grace is a gift. It’s a favour and it implores us to look for the potential in each other. It is the core value that so many of our clients nominate that they themselves and their teams aspire to.  And it’s quite literally the women – and men – gracing our pages and joining with us to achieve gender equality within our lifetime.


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