Pregnancy can be an emotional journey, especially when trying to conceive


A friend of mine is trying to get pregnant, and it has reminded me of just how crappy a time planning pregnancy can be. The constant wondering, the secrecy, the hope, the heartache. Us gals spend years doing our best to avoid conceiving, and then at some point BAM, the tables turn, and suddenly it's time for offspring.

Unfortunately our bodies aren’t always as quick to respond as our minds are. Or worse, they are not able to.

It took me around 10 months to fall pregnant, and that’s about the average length of time it takes. So I was lucky. In the end the conception of my son also involved medical intervention, but fortunately not to the extent that some women go through.

For some ladies the mere thought of a baby makes them ovulate.  For others, it is a much longer and harder battle.

Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster that begins even before conception.  And even though you may consider it a private journey, don’t forget that you are not alone in your struggles.  You’ll be surprised how many women around you have endured similar battles - IVF, miscarriage, unplanned pregnancies. These matters are not always openly discussed, but they are out there being experienced every day.  You are not alone.

For pregnancy support contact Pregnancy Help Australia or Pregnancy Counselling Australia.