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Meet the everyday change-makers and hear their inspiring stories about promoting gender equality in their homes, workplaces and communities


Office Hours 

Let's talk about benevolent bias, that well-intended advice from managers that can detrimentally impact your career.

Gordon Cairns, Chair of Woolworths and Origin Energy, shares his insights on fatherhood, flexibility and living a life with no regrets.

Blair Comley, Secretary Dept Premier & Cabinet NSW shares his story on becoming a father for the first time, and talks All Roles Flex.

Andrew Hagger, Chief Customer Officer at National Australia Bank, talks connection, fatherhood, work and equality.

I don't know how she does it 

Lauren Jauncey is a mother of three and the former head of diversity for Australia Post.

This extraordinary ambassador for gender equality shares how she battled for equality in athletics and won a state 200m championship, all while working remotely!

Kindergarten teacher Jessica returned to work full-time after parental leave full-time. She shares how she did it, and challenges women to be more supportive of each other as mothers and colleagues.

Dr Michelle McIntosh is a working mum and academic. She shares with us her life-changing research that may prevent postpartum haemorrhaging in 100,000 women in third world countries every year. 

Human rights lawyer Clare Johnstone talks to Grace Papers about work and parenthood. Her honesty and authenticity will pull at your heartstrings and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.