Managing fatherhood
and career is complicated.
We make it easy.

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Just for Dads

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3 easy-to-use steps that empower you to:

  • Build your career vision

  • Explore your parenting legacy

  • Negotiate workplace flexibility

  • Address stigma

Real Men Flex


When it comes to managing parenthood with work, do you ever feel like most of the advice is geared towards mums?


Research indicates that 60% of working dads would like to work part-time, but men’s requests for flexible working opportunities are more likely to be denied than women’s. The rights to parental leave and workplace flexibility that women have fought for are yet to be afforded to men.

Quite simply, fathers are missing out.

Our evidence-based tools and advice provide you with all the support you need to stand up for your rights, make a compelling case for parental leave, and negotiate flexible working.

The ultimate goal? Empowering you to be the working dad you dream to be.

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"The bond you build with your children when you take time out to care becomes the building blocks for meaningful relationships into the future - as I learnt when I took 3 months off to care for our 3 children, then aged 4, 3 and 6 months. 

But importantly, it also enables us to support our partners to return to work, and challenged the gender expectations that see so many men miss out on the early years.  " 

Ben Gilbert, Co-Founder