What is Grace Papers?

Grace Papers is a social change business dedicated to empowering working parents and fighting for gender equality at home and in the workplace. Our signature resource/product is a digital platform that assists parents navigate their pregnancy transitions with confidence and flexibility. Our digital platform supports potential, new and seasoned parents to navigate the transitions, challenges, changes and triumphs of raising a family while keeping your career on track. Each step is complemented by relevant TED talks, articles, videos, lifestyle and professional development content.

Why use Grace Papers?

Grace Papers bring career and development coaching, tools and support to an online platform to empower woman and working parents. Grace Papers’ big idea, is really very simple: accompany and support every working mother from before she announces her pregnancy, through to the end of her maternity leave, so she has the self-awareness, the education and a supportive community to enable her to realise her full potential.

When should I start the program?

You may begin whenever you feel most comfortable. We have programs / Steps catered towards every step of your pregnancy and career journey. From telling your boss your pregnant, to returning from leave and beyond.

How much does the program cost?

Yearly subscriptions are available for $400.00

Is the platform useful for couples in same-sex relationships?

Certainly. Our platform is designed to support all working parents, not specifically those in heterosexual relationships.



Am I suitable to use the program?

If you are thinking about having a child, pregnant, on parental leave or are thinking about getting back into the workforce Grace Papers can help you. Each step is designed to guide you through the different phases of pregnancy and parenting that interact with you career.

Is Grace Papers useful for me if I’m adopting?

Grace Papers is a versatile program that can be shaped to fit any family. Whether you are adopting, giving birth, being a supportive partner or even a surrogate, Grace Papers can help you navigate the parental and professional challenges that come with raising children.

What if I subscribe and have a miscarriage?

We understand the realities of pregnancy and that life does not always take a smooth path. If you subscribe to our platform and miscarry or your child is stillborn just let us know and we will promptly refund your fee.

What is a professional vision and why is it important?

As part of the program/platform you will be asked to envisage your professional vision. This is a concept that can have meaning and relevance throughout your entire career, and it shouldn’t be confused with professional goals: which may change frequently during your lifetime. Your professional vision is like your career compass. It sets a course for you to follow, rather than a destination that you can reach.

Is the platform useful for me if my partner is pregnant?

Certainly. Our online programs can be just as useful for dads and partners as they are for mothers or primary carers. Its important for all parents to be aware of the challenges involved in navigating family and career.