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CEO and Founder

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"I believe that we are all capable of achieving brilliant things. But as a working parent, I know only too well that you can't do it alone. To find your groove - especially as you navigate the ins and outs of parental leave, challenge gendered expectations and advance your career- you need a tribe that supports, from whom you can learn, and of course give back.  
To all the brilliant parents out there, whether you're the first Dad to take parental leave in your organisation, or you're a working mum trying to get your old job back, join us - in being bold, speaking up, putting your hand up, and asking for more. We are your tribe. We promise to have your back." 

- Prue Gilbert, CEO & Founder



Prue Gilbert

Chief Executive Officer

Prue is a passionate human rights advocate at heart with strong entrepreneurial acumen. Integrating her vast legal, leadership and diversity experience, she co-founded Grace Papers to drive social change by challenging traditional stereotypes and providing empowering support for working parents.


Ben Gilbert


Ben is a commercial strategist with a great interest in public policy. He has over 20 years experience in corporate finance and strategy roles, gained from previous positions within public and private companies across regulated and deregulated industries


Karen Rule

Psychologist, Executive Coach & Facilitator

Karen is a Psychologist and Coach specialising in leading individuals and organisations to reach their highest potential.  Karen believes passionately in the unique combination of talent possessed by every individual and works collaboratively with clients to create successful outcomes.


Tracey Hibbert

HR Professional & Executive Coach

Tracy is an experienced HR professional and executive coach, with over 30 years experience in HR and change management across a range of industries including FMCG, Finance, Airlines, Logistics, Distribution, Sales and Marketing. As the People lead at Staples, she worked alongside Prue to develop strategies to engage people in gender equality and reduce turnover of talent that were recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.


Victoria Park

HR Professional & Executive Coach

Victoria is an experienced and strategic HR business partner with a passion for positive change aligned to business priorities. She uses her strong relationship skills and interpersonal intelligence to drive the people agenda and motivate individuals and teams to deliver high quality performance and results. Victoria is passionate about delivering our offerings and combines them with her work as diversity and inclusion director at PwC.


Amanda Meehan

Lawyer, Facilitator & Executive Coach

Amanda is passionate about every person having the opportunity to excel themselves to their full potential. In over a decade of legal experience Amanda has seen many dedicated, growth minded, brilliant women step back from their successful careers to focus on their most important project, motherhood, and is passionate about supporting them to remain connected to their workplaces and engaged with their careers over the long term.


Genevieve Simkiss

Lawyer, Facilitator & Executive Coach

Genevieve is committed to helping individuals integrate work and family to live in alignment with their core values. She believes that organisations that truly embrace diversity and recognise the importance of their human capital will be the industry leaders.

Tegan Sturrock 

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Integrating her expert knowledge in the field of child and adolescent health Tegan combines her 10 + years of educating, researching and consulting with adolescents and their parents with her executive coaching experience to empower her clients to realise their potential.